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Schematic 1

Sample picture of The Virtue-L Computer System


The Virtue-L Computer does compute floating-point operations, too!

 Don't just take our word for it, take a look at this:

Certificate of computation
...isn't this impressive?

You Can Download The Virtue-L Computer here  (use with VirtualBox 5.2.18)

(get the older version here)

Newsflash: 03/25/2019

31 months after its inception, The Virtue-L Computer became world's FIRST
ReactOS-based Computer to have contributed 1 MILLION+ Cobblestones to
the well-renowned SETI@home scientific experiment,
userID: 10365759 
(No extraterrestrials were hurt in the process)

The Virtue-L Computer is now millionaire!

Note: Since Oracle's new VirtualBox version 6.x.x (accidentally) dropped boot support for some Virtual Machines, and ours of course -
You may best use VirtualBox Version 5.2.18 which can be obtained free of charge from the folks over at Oracle's official download site.

It's okay to promote The Virtue-L Computer on your website, file-server, torrent-node!

*The Virtue-L Computer  is based on
ReactOS and released under the terms of  GPL
 Trademarks and servicemarks reproduced are solely the property of their respective owner.

  ‡( a sophisticated wild-ass guess, based on server-side download statistics)

Disclaimer: The Virtue-L Computer should not be assigned mission critical tasks because unlike other computers out there  The Virtue-L Computer can collapse all by itself at any inconvenient time and your non-backed up data could get lost in the process. Is this a joke?