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Schematic 1

Sample picture of The Virtue-L Computer System


The Virtue-L Computer does compute floating-point operations too!

 Don't just take our word for it...

Certificate of computation
...isn't this impressive?

Your lean, clean, surfin' machine!TM

You may have to install the free 3rd-party tool VirtualBox if you want to display The Virtue-L Computer's desktop in a window alongside other programs on your personal computer or mobile device. VirtualBox can be obtained free of charge from the folks over at Oracle's official download site.

It's ok to include The Virtue-L Computer with your own project, file-server, torrent-node!

*The Virtue-L Computer  is based on
ReactOS and is released under the terms of  GPL
 Trademarks and servicemarks reproduced are solely the property of their respective owners.

  ‡( a sophisticated wild-ass guess, based on server-side download statistics)

Disclaimer: The Virtue-L Computer should not be assigned mission critical tasks because unlike other computers out there  The Virtue-L Computer can collapse all by itself at any inconvenient time and your non-backed up data could get lost in the process. Is this a joke?